Using Ash entity framework for Flash, I am attempting to modify the sample game asteroids into a social commentary on Christopher Columbus.  The idea is that you plant your flag on a bunch of islands before the time runs out.  What happens when the time runs out?  Off with your head, else a promotion, where you get to do it all again.  Simple, similar to asteroids on a lot of the code, and adds a few elements that asteroids does not have (return to ship, path finding, timers, and (compared to the sample code) a menu, score, and end level/game screens).

The game will be made to fit any screen size (at least the pads, maybe the phones), so it will be sold for Apple devices, Android, Nook, and Kindle.  Part of this challenge is to develop a better workflow for the tablets that I have not released an app for yet.

Will update this post as things progress. . . .