FlashDevelop is a program that allows easy editing of AS3.0 and Flex content, similar to Eclipse. It also attaches to compilers easily (Flash, Flex, etc.) to allow creation of content without needing to be in the Adobe environment. FlashDevelop is now in release candidate 1 state, so is pretty stable:


There has been a lot of work put into this program, and it is my only AS3.0 editor. Using this as a code editor, it makes creation of Flash content free when you use the Flex 3 SDK:

Flex 3 SDK

This is not for people who just like to play around in the Flash IDE (that is, if you don’t know what an IDE is, you probably will have a steep learning curve for developing Flash content by this method). This is more for Java, Javascript, C++, .NET, etc. programmers. Fair warning!

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